Neondan is the creative transformation idea of Mehmet TOKAT who has been active in the advertisement sector since 2005. What happened happened when our experience in the advertisement and signboard area and the space we observed in the sector led us to develop something new; we developed the LED Neon signboard application by starting a first in Turkey!

We gained rapid momentum within 6 months after the establishment and carried out huge projects that were rarely done. The successful works we did and the satisfaction of our esteemed customers allowed us to do business abroad. Since we set our heart on this, our aim has been to produce original and professional LED Neons with extensive designs while creating a spectacular image for the brands that we are responsible for. We have focused on developing the best in our field and what is useful for our customers, and produced LED neons from 100% silicon, which provide low energy consumption by working at 12 volts and can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.

As Neondan family, our aim in this direction is to maintain our brand's position at the top in the LED Neon application in the country and abroad, and to produce multiple locations for brands that have the same quality standard! We are here to add value to your spaces with our products making a difference, so where are you?


As Neondan, we work together with Turkey's leading brands.

As Neondan, we work together with Turkey's leading brands. We carry out production specific for a brand or mass production, and we perform the installation. We make customized designs for franchise cafe chains and introduce the product to all their branches. We create designs that will provide advertisement and sales support for the products of the producers depending on the sector, and we send the product to the sales points in the plug and go model. You can safely use our durable and long-lasting products in indoor and outdoor spaces and change the ambiance of your space. You can contact us to show your difference in a cafe, restaurant, bar, entertainment center or in a completely different sector and to make your brand appealing with LED Neon.


Photos from our production center

We ship from Konya to all over Turkey and we come for you during the installation of your projects.